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Abba Forever
Abba Forever

Abba Forever - Tribute Artistes

This Live production aims to reproduce Abba Live in Concert with particular attention to detail.Focusing on the live aspect with an exceptional all live cast, the show features the very high standard of musicianship needed to recreate Abba songs, and with all performers singing totally live, audiences are experiencing a true live performance.

Packed full of excitement and vivacity, dazzling costumes and authentic lighting design, they will take you on a journey back to the 1970's. Wherever the band performs, audiences can watch and hear all of the hits and some hidden surprises for even the most ardent abba fan


Established in 1998, the show has been recognized as one of the best recreations of Abba live in concert and performs at many of the U.K's most prestigious theatres up and down the country. At present, they are on a national U.K. tour, endeavouring to get theatre audiences on their feet and enjoying the music of ABBA.

The unique Abba sound is replicated using an all live band featuring electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, piano, drums and bass guitar. People will always remember the vocal sound of Abba and Abba Forever have took it upon themselves to break down and build back up all of the enticing harmonies in an effort to bring the full sound of Abba Live to their audience

They have also played concerts overseas, visiting Austria, Iceland, France, Romania, Denmark, Norway and Northern and Southern Ireland. A tour in Russia included television interviews & their performance in Moscow was televised 'Live' and shown throughout the Baltic States.

A recent performance in Hossegor, France featured on MTV.

A considerable landmark in their career was their sixth sell out theatre tour of Sweden, the ‘home of the original super group Abba’. They enjoyed standing ovations and an abundance of positive feedback from the audiences. Countless comments were attributed to Abba Forever stating that they are “Just like the real Abba!” Making front page of the Swedish tabloids and television interviews, not to mention being followed by a Norwegian camera crew for a top music channel documentary on Abba Forever, on a programme called ‘The Next Best to the original Abba, which was shown and Broadcast in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

There are many tributes in circulation but Abba Forever are exceptional in comparison. They are one of the only ‘Live’ tributes in the U.K today. Their attention to detail musically and visually is second to none which is produced by the talented, professional musicians/ singers/ dancers, contributing to that rarely found ‘Live’ sound of piano/ keyboards, electric/ acoustic Guitar ,Drums. and Bass Guitar. The wonderful lyrics and harmonies penned by Benny and Bjorn are sung beautifully & are reproduced live On Stage Only by the performers themselves. Emulating Abba Live in concert as they did in their Hayday.

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