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Mariachi Tequila
Mariachi Tequila

Mariachi Tequila - Mariachi Bands

Mariachi Tequila Is a flexible sized band of authentic professional Latin musicians specializing in traditional Mexican popular Mariachi music, and Latin American music in general.


Since its formation the group has played at hundreds of reputable venues in London and others cities in the UK and abroad, for film premieres, Embassies and celebrities, advertising campaigns, and on Television (recently on Big Brother, Graham Norton, 'Off their Rockers' and more).

The band consists of Violin, Trumpets, Guitars, Guitarron, Requinto, accordion and harmonious Voices. They can perform from a trio up to 8 or more musicians.

The music is exciting, vibrant and instantly appealing, combining the authentic and colourful costumes of the band. The band can play acoustically in one spot, or promenade around a venue.

They are ideal for: a wedding, party, corporate event, travel show or exhibiton, art gallery, product launch, TVC shows and adverts, a Mexican or Spanish theme night, school night, festival, street party, shopping centre, Mexican or Spanish themed online RPG games - and much more, and have played at many of these.

They have played many diverse roles on TV comedy shows, travel expositions, The Magic Circle theatre performance, on a double-decker wedding bus, and many more fun and exciting occasions.

There are a number of Mariachi bands springing up, but none are more experienced nor professional than Mariachi Tequila, and many are copy-cat versions. For an audience in the know, any famous Mexican song can be requested from their enormous repertoire, and will be played on the spot, for example the much loved "Las Mananitas" for a birthday. Following the success of the recent TV adverts, they also offer a number of English pop songs sung in Mariachi style, eg "Don't you want me Baby" and a few more.

Mariachi Tequila offers a unique entertainment spectacle with all the passion of Mexico!