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Carlo Sax
Carlo Sax

Carlo Sax - Male Vocalists

Carlo Sax is one of the countries finest session musicians with a truly amazing voice. During his twenty year career he has worked alongside many famous bands, and even performed for His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew.


Carlo is a MUST SEE act that is not only excellent in his own right but is completely unique. Carlo has a new show planned for 2009 that is the ULTIMATE tribute to soul and Motown. If you would like to book Carlo Sax for your party or event then it is essential to do so with plenty of advance notice due to demand and popularity.

Carlo can also provide a " Soul, Blues and Motown Show" which is ideal for any corporate events. His set structure is as follows :-

soul show structure

1.... when a man loves a woman.......( big vocal and big sax solo, big ending)

2......thruogh the grapevine.... ( get crowd involved with sax solo ) and mrs joans.......( big vocal song with sax and crowd involvment )

4..... always and forever.. ( big vocal number )

5..... sweet home chicargo ... ( big sax solo get crowd clapping )

6..... minnie the moocher......( get crowd singing )

7.... my girl .... ( get crowd singing and dancing )

8.....mustang sally ( big sax solo get crowd involved )

9... higher and higher ( keep crowd dancing )

10.... come on over to my place.. ( drifters keep dancing )

11.... sat night at the movies.. ( keep them dancing )

12.... wonderful world... (sam cook )

13.... unchain my heart..( massive sax solo involve the crowd )

14.... try a little tenderness ( finish show with big number )

Audio Sample
Walking In Memphis