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Billy Hunter
Billy Hunter

Billy Hunter - Comedians

Billy Hunter is amazingly funny. To describe what he does would fill two pages and still keep you guessing.

He appears on stage very frail and pale looking, and pretends to not look very happy to see an audience! But when he starts talking you just can't stop laughing.


Billy Hunter began his showbiz career as a young Butlins redcoat. Since then he has developed his show in clubs, theatres and hotels, both at home and abroad. His solo act is enhanced by several bizarre props, made by Billy and his family, which include the infamous coffin and two pall bearers! His other props are equally hysterical but we'll keep those a secret for now.

Billy's show is so unique that everyone will remember where they first saw it - and who's event it was at. Billy will become a star - it's only a matter of time. His appeal is timeless and his humour will bring any audience to tears of laughter.